Dystopian Utopias

An oxymoron?

I recently asked myself why many sci-fi/ dystopian futuristic authors create a world decayed.

I also wondered at the very stark differences between the perceived futures, as written by the men and women authors I adore.

Firstly, to all the male authors I am a fangirl of, praise.

Praise, because as flailing as our race’s future may be, whether real or imagined, male authors become our saviors in our future.

In their utopia, Man explores all the ways in which we might advance ourselves and our intelligence, and in doing so, protect the generations to come.

I feel almost loved in this way and heartened by their will.

But, then, as a woman, which may or may not be the deciding factor here, humility forces me to acknowledge: we are young, naive and prone to mistakes.

We have not yet learned from our mistakes, not come together as one peoples; as human.

If the goal is a class three civilisation (Ozzy here) we’re all on board!

But while protection and exploration appeals, many of my gender seem to acknowledge this way, historically, has been brutal.

And so, many a Sci-fi Romance beget a regret for our failures and postulate how our shortcomings may be overcome by re-learning our understanding of sustainable development through others.

So, to answer my primary question. I cannot definitively say why others, male or female, create dystopian utopias. I created it as such because even if the world were to tip. If it were to fall apart at the seams, tearing the fabric of our current reality, if we all became Human then it would indeed be a utopia we could build from.
©J.Q. Baldwin

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